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“Katherine’s passion about healthy eating and cooking is obvious!  She has taught this carnivore so many wonderful ways of combining vegetables into savory, satisfying and simple dishes…dishes that even I can prepare!  Katherine doesn’t just walk you through a recipe, she patiently instructs you on proper techniques and objectives.  Who knew my kitchen could produce such a healthy and delicious meal!” Kim

"Katherine Keck from The Looney Veggie Cooking Company, LLC presented Vegan Basics: A Plant Based Diet.  She prepared three dishes-a salad, a stir-fry, and a soup. During the demonstration, Katherine offered commentary on what she was doing to prepare the dishes as well as went over different options for cooking and different types of foods that could be used for similar meals.  The participants were highly engaged and asked questions throughout the program.  Feedback was all positive from the attendees.  Many people stated that they "loved" the program and would like to learn more or have this speaker come back for another presentation.  There were 39 in attendance."  Pikes Peak Library

"Thank you so much for coming out to Broomfield to teach our patrons about vegan cooking.  My boss was so excited to see so many new faces in the audience!  She said you were great-very organized and engaging." Broomfield Library

“For the new year, my goal was to eat cleaner, yet not compromise taste.  Katherine prepared soup and a wasabi roll for me and not only was the food delicious, it was also very reasonably priced.  The care that is put into this food is exceptional.  I anticipate that the Looney Veggie Chef will be a main contribution to my clean and enjoyable eating this year!”  Jane

“Katherine has introduced me to a whole new exciting way of food preparation, and brought to my attention what I need to do and look for when I prepare healthy meals for my family.”Melissa

" Katherine has pure talent and passion for vegetarian and vegan cooking.  Her food is healthy, natural and delicious.  Her recipes combine fresh wholesome ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes that appeal to everyone.  One of my favorites is her sesame seed cream cheese wasabi roll, which is as lovely to see as it is to eat!  I've learned so much from Katherine, ranging from how and where to buy locally grown organic foods to nutritional tips to helpful tricks in the kitchen.  Anyone who wants to learn what it takes to prepare and eat healthy, hearty, meatless cuisine that tastes great, or focus on eliminating meat from their diet altogether, should get to work with Katherine."  Anna

"OMG YUM! Lunch was amazing. I can't even identify a favorite part as it was all so delicious. Thanks Katherine, this was a great treat!" Robin S .

"Food is GREAT! I have been introduced to things I would have NEVER thought about trying before!!" Angeline O."

"The presentation was cute, the food was GREAT...not to mention healthy!" Judy S.

I want to thank you for the creative and delicious vegan dishes you have made for us. My son didn't even know the black bean casserole was vegetarian. The carrot soup was "out of this world" and very filling. All of your appetizers, soups and main dishes that I have tasted are very visually appealing, very delicious, and vegan! Joyce B.

"Katherine is a great chef and I look forward to her meals. Great service! Tara R.

"The food is fantastic. No question about that." Sandra

"We tried the potatoes and the Veggie Swiss Steak! OMG! amazing!!!"  Leslie

"Love having Katherine over to create delicious and nutritious vegan meals!  As someone with food allergens and health issues I was looking for some fresh ideas and a break from cooking and Katherine sure delivers.  From tasty stir-fry and soups to her incredible tempeh 'chicken' salad and amazing chia pudding, we look forward to having Katherine back soon!" Lanie